What is Denibici

Denibici transportation is a bicycle. A service of simple, practical and sustainable use. Allows us to move in an agile, smoke or noise. Combine it with the rest of public transport in the city and can get as far as you want.

Denibici wants to contribute to make our city more sustainable, slowly gaining sustainable and ecological space, being able to enjoy everyday.

What is not Denibici?

Denibici is not a public bicycle rental system for tourism or recreational use. Denibici is a means of transport and an ideal to complement public transport Denia. Its purpose is to cover the small displacement occur daily inside the city.

If what you want is to rent a bicycle for sightseeing tours of Denia and surroundings or take a trip with the family weekend or output longer duration, you can go to stores dedicated to bicycle rental city where with security all find what you're looking for.
Do not forget to read the Terms of Use
Safety Tips

Denibici is a public transportation system that wants to make Denia city a more sustainable place.

Enjoy a zero contaminant transport and beneficial to your physical and mental health.

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