Applicant requirements

  • Be an individual of age or older under 16 years with proper authorization of the parent or legal guardian.
  • Have the physical and mental ability to use the bike.
  • Download the registration form and terms of use. We recommend you carefully read the terms of use.
Alta online

Where service request registration

Registration will take place through the website:
If you choose to register through the website only need to fill in specific questionnaire Subscriber-length found in paragraph inscriptions of the website and follow the instructions that appear, being protected access at all times by a security system that ensures data confidentiality and security of the transaction.

If you want a day pass the user can be done only in different PIM. You must select the option to issue a short-term credit into the dispenser and follow the steps to go indicating management program.

How to use Denibici service

You will need your ID Card or passport + PIN number to use Denibici Service.
Do not forget to read the Terms of Use
Safety Tips

Denibici is a public transportation system that wants to make Denia city a more sustainable place.

Enjoy a zero contaminant transport and beneficial to your physical and mental health.

Make Rodaterápia!