How it works Denibici

To catch a bicycle

First of allmust have a credit short or long term. Already a Denibici stations, check the bike want to pick and check for proper operation.

You will need your ID Card or passport + PIN number to use Denibici Service. Remove the bike from any station and return Denibici at the nearest station to your destination.

The maximum time for each use is 4 hours, after 5 min. You can catch a bike again.

To leave a bicycle

  • Place in a clear opening
  • Insert it to click a sound indicator is also heard in the PIM
  • Make sure the bike is well anchored

Denibici Hours

It is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, unless exceptions in the rules of use.
Do not forget to read the Terms of Use
Safety Tips

Denibici is a public transportation system that wants to make Denia city a more sustainable place.

Enjoy a zero contaminant transport and beneficial to your physical and mental health.

Make Rodaterápia!